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Logo Survivor – Round 1

April 18, 2011

Our member Laurie created a variety of potential logos for RHOMBUS. So we’re putting it out there: which logo wears it best?

We’ll keep the poll open until this coming weekend. Then the top three will be posted for Round 2 and the final victor will be decided!


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  1. Laurie Murray permalink

    Should be interesting to see if the same design is picked here as the one my co-workers picked. It was a landslide at work but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case here.

  2. Audrey Murray permalink

    They are all nice. I thought the one I voted for made RHOMBUS easy to see.

  3. Kevin permalink

    The bikes on Option 1 and 2 are road bikes. if they were mountain bikes I would have put my vote to one of them. They all look great anyways 🙂

    • Laurie permalink

      Hey Kevin,
      I used mountain bikes as my models for all of these logos. What about options 1 and 2 are making you see road bikes? I’ll be happy to adjust them if possible. Thanks

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