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RHOMBrunch – October 27

October 26, 2012

RHOMBrunch!With a whopping 37% of the vote (by 8 people, if you were wondering), the winning brunch option is… Coastal Cafe!

Located at 2731 Robie Street, the Coastal is an easy-going place in Halifax’s North End. The breakfast/brunch menu is eclectic, to say the least!

The plan:

  • If you haven’t already RSVP via Facebook or e-mail so we know who is coming.
  • Need a ride? Post it to the Facebook event wall or e-mail us to see if we can connect you with someone.
  • Can you offer a ride? See above.
  • Aim to be there for 10 a.m.
  • Sit. Eat. Converse. Laugh.

“Rain date:” Since the weather looks good and we’re not riding, the only consideration we have for cancelling is the space itself. Coastal is a small and popular space; if we are looking at a 45-minute wait for a table for us all, we will have to decide, as a group, where we are going instead.

That’s why it’s important that we know you’re coming and that you arrive as close to 10 as possible. We need to know names and numbers of people so that we get enough seats and so that we don’t leave you behind if we have to go somewhere else. If we do have to go somewhere else, we will post to the Facebook page. We won’t be leaving at 10:01 but better safe than sorry.

See you there!


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