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Have a question? Send it to us. Below are some sample questions we’ve come up with so far…

Q: What if it’s raining or supposed to rain?
A:  We will strive to make an announcement 1.5 hours before any ride regarding cancellations on our Facebook account.

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Everyone’s welcome, of course, but you may want to come for a test ride first to determine the suitability of each route for your kids. We try to keep the group together so we can slow down if need be but this may not be ideal for younger children.

Q: Can I bring my friend/family member who doesn’t identify as LGBTQ?
A: Of course! Everyone’s welcome as long as they’re accepting and there to have fun!

Q: I don’t know anyone who rides with RHOMBUS. How will I know who you are?

A: Unless stated otherwise, our rides always start at Ferry Terminal Park, next to Alderney Landing. We usually have a rainbow flag at the meeting point so you can find the group.

If there’s no flag? Just look for any group of people with bicycles and ask for “Kirk, Laurie or Andrea.” We may not all be there but the odds are that one of us will be!

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