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RHOMBUS uses four primary routes, ranging in difficult from an easy, short ride to a difficult, long ride. Our rides always begin at Ferry Terminal Park (adjacent to Alderney Landing). Each week of our schedule, we rotate through these four routes:

  1. Dartmouth Harbourfont – this route is very short and good for riders of all ages. The route is almost entirely paved but does consist of several hills.  No street riding is required.
  2. Shubie #1 – this route is about an hour total and not very difficult. It is made up of a mix of street riding, paved paths and woodland trails. This route does go through a dog park so those who are leery of dogs should be aware.
  3. Shubie #2 – this is an extended version of Shubie #1 with extended woodland trails; it takes about 1.5 hours.
  4. Eastern Passage – this is our longest route and is about two hours long. It starts with the Dartmouth Harbourfront but then switches to primarily street riding all the way to Eastern Passage.
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